This is my beautiful family, we are far from perfect there is always chaos at our house. I always tell everyone I have two kids but I feel like I have 10. My girls are 4 years apart my oldest being 15 and my youngest 11. And of course our sweet family dog Emily whom is two years old. She is our baby, between these 3 there is always something going on in the house. My girls are going through that stage where sisters are always fighting for dumb things. When they argue Emily also wants to jump in and then it gets crazy Lol. Its an everyday thing. Emily’s favorite thing to do is ride along with either me or my husband to take the girls to school and pick them up. She is always ready, she knows the exact times. She might be a small dog but she is very protective of the girls.

My Family

Castaneda Family

My husband is heaven sent I am truly blessed with a husband like him. He supports me in everything that I do and believes in me. He has taught me patience and true love along with many other things about marriage and family. He too comes from a broken family, if I thought I had it bad he had it worse. I love my husband every day I thank God for putting him on my path. As a family we are very close, we try to have dinner together as much as possible. With my crazy work schedule and school and other stuff going on it can be challenging at times. But, I always make sure to set some time for my kids and my husband. As a family we also love going to the beach here in California. We, love to have movie nights and order pizza and wings. Oh and our favorite movies are horror movies, except lately I have found that I am getting old and I can’t handle them anymore. So now I’m the one who covers her eyes and my girls are like whatever watching the movies. It used to be the other way around….not cool…I’m old.


Family Laguna

My family is everything I ever wished for, I am truly blessed and my husband and I work hard everyday to provide for our family. We have held off on having more kids because we both come from big families my mom had 8 kids and his mom had 8 kids. We both come from broken families and so we want to ensure that we can give our kids the best that we can. However, not in terms of materials but educational. We are fully focused on them right now they are growing up really fast and soon will be out in the real world chasing their dreams. We, especially me focus on preparing them mentally on what challenges they will face as they get older and venture out on their own. I don’t want them to make the same mistakes I made growing up. I tend to be a little hard on my kids but one thing is I always make sure that they know they have their parents who love them very much and will always be there to support them no matter what. My kids might not understand a lot of things right now, or accept decisions that we make for them. But I’m sure the will thank us later. Parenting is hard and challenging and it’s something that I take very seriously because of the upbringing that I had. I always knew that if I was going to be a parent; I was going to be fully involved in everything that had to do with my kids. I knew that if I wanted to have kids my, life would revolve around them. The thought of my kids being in gangs or involved in drugs scare the hell out of me. So many things scare me as a parent, that’s why I knew that when I had kids it was going to be with purpose, not just to have kids to have kids. This is my family follow us on our journey.