One Way Ticket

        I battled depression after losing my first child for a long time. After that day at the park I managed to get by everyday just by staying busy with work. I was not doing good in school, I was in my junior year and I knew that I was not going to pass. Even though I knew that I had to continue on with life and I already knew what I was going to do with my life, everyday was a struggle for me. It was spring and summer was just around the corner yet there were days that I just could not get myself out of bed. I wanted to sleep the pain away and forget the nightmare I was living. My mom noticed that I was not eating and I was losing a lot of weight, so she took me to the doctor. He prescribed me some medication for depression I really didn’t care the only reason I was there was because my mom forced me to go. I remember going home straight to bed and my mom knocking on my door. She came in to check on me to make sure I would take my medication. She stood there with water and opened the water for me and handed me a pill. Then she handed me the bottle and told me make sure to do as the Doctor said. She waited until I put the pill in my mouth and the she left. As soon as she closed my door I spit the pill out. I laid there on my bed holding the bottle in my hand and stared at the bottle. In my states of depression every now and then I would have my moments when I just couldn’t face life, but I knew that I had the strength inside me to pull through and I knew that these pills were not for me and I didn’t need them. In that moment I was realizing, ”I got this I can pull myself up I don’t need this shit !” So I got up and I went to the bathroom and I flushed all the pills down the toilet.


This picture was taken a year after giving birth to my daughter. Sometime in the spring of 2001, I was battling depression. Pictured here with my niece whom my mother was raising and right before I left Odessa, Texas for good.

As school came to an end I was ready to face my future. I had a talk with my mom after  school was over and I told her point blank, ”I want to move to another state”. At first she looked at me confused, but after she straightened her look and just replied, ”are you sure?” I said, ”yes.” My mother never questioned me, never asked me why, she didn’t even try to object with my decision of moving away. I think that as a mother she just wanted me to be okay and in that moment it was the best decision for my well being. I had though about this for a long time I knew that I was walking away from a lot of things. My home, my family, my friends Odessa, Texas was all that I knew and I was walking away from it all. I knew that I would never come back because I had set my mind on building my future away from home. I wanted to find myself, to explore life to venture out and work on my goals, but I also knew that what I was looking for was not there in my small town.

LAMM842014 1238

My beautiful mom, my idol, my best friend, my hero!


It didn’t take long within days my mom had already purchased a ticket for me. We didn’t talk much in those days but I could see the sadness in her eyes because she knew she wasn’t going to see me for a long time. And she was right because I had no plans on ever returning back home. My mom drove me to the airport and I was actually excited. I was ready to face life, but I also had a lot of mixed emotions , one thing I knew for sure was that it would all be worth it. Saying goodbye to my mom was hard, my mom was crying I hugged her, told her I loved her and walked away. Walking away to board the plane I would glance back at her and see her standing there crying and sad, but all I could think of was its okay mom I will be okay I will come back one day and make you proud.

I boarded the plane for the first time in my life all by myself, I looked at the ticket as it read one way…..I thought well this is where my journey begins.

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  1. Strength to Live. How our life has many crossroads and potholes. Stay focus, Live to Love, Love to Live.


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